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PLANTS (From Left to right and down)
Amphibious Bistort; Arrowhead; Black Bindweed; Branched Burreed; Brandybottle; Celery leaved Buttercup; Common Comfrey; Common Comfrey white; Common Dock; Common Water Crowfoot; Cowslips; Flowering Rush Aldreth; Great Water Parsnip; Hedge Bedstraw; Hounds tongue; Ladys Bedstraw; Lesser Celandine; Lords and Ladies; Marestail Engine Drain; Marsh Bedstraw; Marsh Marigold Norlands; Pond Sedge; Poppies; Purple Loosestrife; Redshank; Reed Sweet Grass; River Water Dropwort; Silver weed; Water Chickweed; Watercress; Water Dock; Water Dropwort; Water lilies; Water Plantain; Water Starwort; Water Violet; White Campion 2010; Wild Carrot; Yellow Flag Iris.