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I have updated my file of Haddenham area beetles which I have identified over the years. Some of the names have changed over the years, but I have not had time to update all the old names.  Some extra information from Aldreth has been inserted from earlier years. Most of the names will not mean a lot to most people, but at least nowadays, one can type them into a Web search engine and find pictures, etc. (Dr Roger G. Booth, Curator (Coleoptera), Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London  SW7 5BD Email:
DRAGONFLIES (1) (From Left to right and down)
Ruddy Darter Aldreth 2008; Scarce Chaser adult male Aldreth High Bridge area 29.6.09; Scarce Chaser teneral 24.5.08 Old West River; Small red eyed Damselfly, Fairchilds Meadows pond 2008; Small Redeyed Damselfly Fairchilds Meadows pond 2006; Southern Hawker female 2009 Station Rd garden photo Ian Dickerson; Southern Hawker male; Ruddy Darter 29.8.08.
DRAGONFLIES (2) (From Left to right and down)
4 spot Chaser 16.6.09; 4 spotted Chaser female Galls Fen 23.6.09; Azure Damselflies 3.8.07; Banded Demoiselle female; Banded Demoiselle male (photo Ian Dickerson); Black-tailed Skimmer Fairchilds Meadows 14.7.07; Blacktailed Skimmer Teneral Nineacre Wood 2008; Blue-tailed Damselfly 2008; Blue-tailed Damselfy teneral (just hatched, body still soft); Broad-bodied Chaser female 16.6.09; Broad-bodied Chaser female 16.6.09 Old West River; Broad-bodied Chaser male. Faichilds Meadows 23.6.09; Common Blue Damselfly adult 18.6.08; Common Blue Damselfly teneral 11.6.08; Common Darter on washing line 2007; Common Darter teneral 2006; Common Darters mating Fairchilds Meadows 2006; Common Emerald damselfly Foulmire Drove 2008; Hairy Hawker (photo Ian Dickerson); Large Red Damselfy Old Railway line 24.5.08; Migrant Hawker 10.8.07 North Fen drove; Migrant Hawker 2009 Bury Lane; Migrant Hawker male 21.9.08 Bury Lane; Red Eyed Damselfy Old West River 2009.

INSECTS (From Left to right and down)
Conehead; Great Green Bush Cricket; Great Green Bush Cricket 2008; House Cricket 2005; Locust; Oakbush cricket 2006; Roesels Bush Cricket 2007; Assassin bug; European Tube [Potter] Wasp; Harlequin Ladybird 2009; Hornet queen 2010; Horsefly Chrysops relictus 29.7.09; Ichneumon fly 2009; Syrphus Ribesh hoverfly 23.6.09.