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BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS (From Left to right and down)
Brown Argus pair displaying; Cinnabar moth; Clouded Yellow; Comma; Comma underside; Common Blue female; Common Blue Male; Drinker female 2010; Gatekeeper; Greenveined White; Greenveined white2010; Holly Blue; Holly Blue laying eggs; Holly Blue Open; Lappet moth female 2010; Large Skipper 2007; Large Skipper 2007-2; Meadow Brown; Meadow Brown underside; Orangetip female 2008; Orangetip male; Orangetip North Fen; Painted Lady 2009; Red Admiral 2009; Ringlet; Ringlet underside; Small Copper; Small Copper-2; Small Heath; Small Skipper; Small Tortoiseshell 2006; Small Tortoishell-2; Speckled Wood; Wall Brown; Whiteletter Hairstreak; Vapourer moth larvae; White-spotted Pinion larvae Hinton Hedges 29.5.09.