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Winter and Summer Events, and Volunteering
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All held in Arkenstall Centre, Haddenham on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
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Tuesday 13th February 2018, Arkenstall Centre, 8.00pm. See posters below:
This is a change to the original talk advertised in the Newsletter:

Tuesday OCTOBER 11th
Lions, Tigers and Birds of India
Wildlife photographer Tim Loseby has seen these big cats at close hand and brings along some fascinating other species.
Tuesday NOVEMBER 8th
A Year in the Life of Norfolk's Wildlife
Steve Cale, Artist and Lecturer knows Norfolk well as he will show us on this his return visit to HCS.
Tuesday DECEMBER 13th
'Facing Extinction'
Twenty Species on the brink of extinction are show cased from the world's rarest birds and the exciting race to save them. Paul Donald, Principal Conservation Scientist from RSPB Sandy has something to say about those that are and how to get them back to a safe place.
Tuesday FEBRUARY 14th
Wildlife in Cambridgeshire's Traditional Orchards
Dr Val Perrin from English Nature has already explored these secret places and will show us what was to be found in them. Perhaps our only working orchard in the parish will be one of them.
Tuesday MARCH 14th
Giving Wildlife the Edge
Managing Fenland Waterways for Water Voles, Kingfishers and other wildlife Cliff Carson from Middle Level Commission has been working hard to make sure they have a home here.
Tuesday APRIL 11th
Dove Step – A Journey for Turtle Doves
Johnny Rankin, writer and follower of the beautiful birds has put rings on some of his Suffolk birds. Where do they go and will they comeback? Do they pass through the Maltese killing field?
Tuesday MAY 9th
The Wildlife of Tees Valley
Geof Lee Comes from this terrific place with unique flora that will be well worth a visit. Visit early he will say and you’ll get many unique and very local flowers, birds and animals. From the moors to the sea it’s a golden place.