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19 August 2016: Updated Flora record GO

31st October: Haddenham/Aldreth Fens. North Fen Back Drove 5-6 Yellowhammers. Long Drove 2000+ Golden Plover one field away from Drove so could no search for any American Golden Plovers. Lapwing there and elsewhere in Adventurers Fen over 5000.  120 Common Gulls.  250 Stock Doves. Graingers Drove, 1 sub adult male Merlin. Linnets in numerous places probably over 300. Dambank. pleased to see 10 Corn Buntings back. Near Old West River 7-8 Yellowhammers. PM&ID
31st October: 29/10/17 - Brambling on patio this morning. Stayed around for 20 min or so. Jake
31st October: 24/10/17 - Birds between Church Fen Drove and the Aldreth High Bridge. 38 Yellowhammers, 4/5 Reed Buntings, 6 Meadow Pipits. Along the footpath west of bridge and on the Aldreth Causeway, 6 Fieldfares, 20+ Redwings, 8 Chaffinches, 3/4 Yellowhammers and 1 Kingfisher. The most yellowhammers I’ve seen for a while. Generally, lots of Goldcrests around the village plus one regular Redpoll in the garden for a week now- but it’s got no friends! Barbara York
27th October: On Friday, October 27, 2017 at 1:43:19 PM. Following up on the numbers of Golden Plover reported by Paul I had a potter down Long Drove South of the Haddenham - Earith road this morning.  Accompanying the 2,000+ Goldies is a neat, grey American Golden Plover - picked up in flight first so the tricky bit of confirming underwing done early.  Increasing heat haze and flighty birds have not helped on relocating in the past 20 mins. Duncan Poyser
26th October: Haddenham North Fen. 3000+/- Golden Plover constantly in air with 5000-6000 Lapwings Golden Plover probably because there was so much human activity harvesting potatoes. They also flew down to Long drove over and around and back to North Fen. Loads of Starlings didnt help. Other birds seen at various places were 3 Yellowhammers (not been a good year for them lately). 300 Linnets North Fen 100 Dambank also 4 Kestrels, 4 Skylarks. Dambank female Marsh Harrier may not have helped panic. Toadflax flowers still blooming Back Drove! PM&ID
25th October: Hinton Farm Reservoir: 30 Wigeon, 3 Shoveller, 8 Tufted Duck, 30 Mallard 8 Lt Grebe, 4 Gt Black-backed gulls, 130 Black-headed Gulls, 1 Cormorant. 1 Fieldfare, Pair Bullfinch.Common Buzzard. Station Road. Coal Tit. ID & PM
20th October: Where have all these birds come from? We've had a Coal Tit (first for us here) all morning flitting between the nibbles & nut feeders, as well as about 20 house sparrows, starling, blue tit, robin & blackbird, then 4 buzzards only about 50-60 feet up (almost over the garden) with a kestrel crossing their path! Caroline & Max (members living near east end of village)
18th October: Answer to Simon earlier (see 1st October entry below).
I have five fungus guides.
Collins, Complete British Fungus Photographic.
Pocket Nature Fungi  Shelly & Evans.
Mushrooms. Svrcek et al.
Mushroom Guide and Identifier. Peter Jordan.
Fascinated by Fungi by Par O'Rielly. First Nature.
Even then I find it difficult with some species as colours vary between species even to my photos.
13th October: Brown Mottlegill (Panaeolina foenisech) Bury Lane garden. 12.10.17. A small brown/grey fungus in very short lawns after cutting. Very common.
Cock Pheasant feeding on patio. Bury Lane garden.

11th October: Devils Coach Horse beetle. Feasts Green 29,9.17 PM

4th October: Third species identified as Downy Milkcap (Lactarius pubescens). Anybody not agree please get in touch. always keen to be corrected with fungi. PM

1st October: Hi Paul: I think that you are correct.  In my book (Collins field guide) the scientific name of the second fungus is different. The problem with this book is that it covers all of Europe which makes it difficult to find the likely candidates.  What book are you using? Simon.
30th September: 2 species now identified. Feasts Green: Brown Birch Bolete (Leccinium scabrum). Tawney Funnel Cap (Clitocybe flaccida). As best I can anybody know different please advise. PM

28th September: Great array of toadstools on Feast Green, Probably three species at least there if not more. No identifications yet but will add later. This lot won't be easy. PM (see above)
28th September: Just a nice picture of an un-named fen drain off Long Drove with Swans and ducks loafing. PM

28th September: Afternoon trip along Dambank found a male Wheatear. (not Greenland sub species). 30 approx Goldfinches along Long Drove. PM
Alternative scientific name to Yellow Fieldcap is Bolbitius vitellinus. 27.9.17: Yellow Fieldcap (Bolbitius titubans) a small grass species found in an Aldreth Road garden. All fungus species identification is subject to correction because it is a difficult family to identify with certainty. Many species look different at differing ages. PM

28th September: ID is not 100% certain as the waxcaps are reckoned to be a very difficult family. PM

25th September: 1. Peppery Milk-cap. Bury Lane garden. If you cut it, it will weep a peppery flavoured milk. 2. Spangle Waxcap. Only about 2 cms across the are in groups.PM

21st September: North Fen. 2 Gt Blackback Gulls with 6 Lesser Blackback and others. 8-9 Corn Buntings. 150 approx Lapwings. Long Drove uncountable large flock Lapwings. Too ra distant but estimate 2000 plus. Wheatear (Greenland type fem/juv ). 2 Stonechats. 2 Reed Buntings. Abt 250-300 Starlings. 1 White phase Common Buzzard. PM& ID
20th September: 1 Record shot of Common Buzzard (white phase) 2 Starlings on power line. Dambank. PM

19th September: A first-winter Wheatear on a freshly ploughed field, Long Drove.  This is the first that I have seen locally this autumn. Simon.
18th September: Part of countywide Raptor Watch.

From North Hill Haddenham TL445762
09.25 – 12.10        low cloud lifted slightly c 11.30.  Rain shower 12.05.
09.50 A pair of Local Kestrels.
11.27 3 Buzzards circling to the NE.
11.37 1 Buzzard to the NW.
11.54 1 Buzzard to the W c 1.5 miles distant.
Monica and Owen

18th September: Just seen the Hummingbird Hawkmoth nectaring on the honeysuckle (between the very heavy showers!). Denise
16th September: Adult Hobby over Ewell Fen tis morning. SS.
9th September: Just for the record I spotted a Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding on two verbena plants on my small garden patio the evening of Thursday, 7th September- years since I have seen one  and this is the first sighting  in my Haddenham garden (last sighting in 2014 in my Ely garden). Autumn change is on its way....Best wishes, Denise Chappell
8th September: A visit round our fens was good for little except about 3-5 Kestrels. No Wheatears! But around 100 Swallows feeding low amongst tall weeds (Fat Hen, Mugwort, Perennial Thistle etc) almost smothering potato crop where loads of insects must have been. No gulls, Hardly any corvids but 20-30 Goldfinch just "bombing about" seemingly aimlessly. Oh and 2 Linnets on wire. Had better days.PM & ID
28th August:
1. General view of Engine Drain from Lakes Drove.
2. Agrimony. New Cut Drain bank near Tinkers Lane

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