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19 August 2016: Updated Flora record GO

24th December 2018: Nine Acre Wood: Tawny Owl mobbed by a Green Woodpecker, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, 4 Blackbirds, 2 Chaffinch, a Robin and a Great Tit. Old West River: Little Grebe and Little Egret. Simon Stirrup.
11th December 2018: 1 Male Blackcap in Jake Allsop's garden today.
3rd December 2018: A couple of sightings from 18th November:
• Stonechat 1 male along Long Drove • Small Tortoiseshell 1 in garden.
There were several reports via Cambirds of a flock of c2500 Golden Plovers in the parish between Earith Bridge and Hermitage Farm in early November which included a Grey Plover on 10th.
Simon Stirrup
1st December 2018: A trip to Bramley Grange this late morning produced, 80 – 100 Fieldfare, 1 Barn Owl, 2 Buzzards, 6 Pheasants, 100+ mixed flock of Gulls, inc.Black headed, Lesser Black Backed, and  a few Common . 11+ Moorhens, 3 Coot, 40+ Mallard, 16 Tufted ducks, 2 Little Grebes, 100+ Wigeon , 6 Pochard,  40+ Greylag geese and 2 Eyptian Geese and 1 Cormorant. Ian and Sheila D.
25th November 2018: 3 Egyptian Geese at Bramley Grange.
19th November 2018: A very handsome Buzzard on telegraph pole next to our garden yesterday, in Station Road.Sheila & Ian D.

14th November 2018: End of October, seen at The Brinks, Aldreth :- 2 Snipe flushed, 1 Marsh Harrier and 3 Roe Deer.   Susan Everett.
6th November 2018: Short trip down the droves:- Dambank  1 Yellowhammer,2 Reed Bunting, 5 Chaffinch, 2 Kestrels, 50+ Starlings, mixed flock of 500+ Linnets and Goldfinch 5 Mute Swans. Long Drove 2 Fem. Sparrowhawks, 100+ Fieldfare, 1 Corn Bunting (heard) 2 Mute Swans. Ian and Sheila D
30th October 2018: A big surprise at the weekend was an adult female FALLOW DEER crossing the road just to the east of Earith Bridge, at a quarter to midnight on 27th October.  Very good, but brief views of it in the car headlights.  We were very fortunate not to hit it.  Identified by large size, whitish hind legs and long tail (for a deer) with distinctive black and white tail pattern. Simon
14th October 2018: Two snipe near the ponds on College Farm today, Station Road, Haddenham.
18th September 2018: September 11th, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was on the bird feeder in a private garden in Haddenham. Really good record. Sheila Dickerson.

Painting by Tina Bone. This little bird is just a little larger than a sparrow (note the size of the Large Tortoiseshell butterfly in comparison (TB)
14th September 2018: A Comma taken in our garden on Sunday and a Buzzard on wires near Aldreth this evening. Simon.

13th September 2018: An early (around 8.0am) morning walk from Aldreth along the ditch bank to the West River: 25+ Lapwing in flight; 1 Heron; 1 male and 2 female Reed Buntings; and, by the bridge, a Kingfisher flying from one bank to another and then possibly down the drain. Sally
10th September 2018: More sightings from Long Drove: Dam Bank Drove - Ruff 7, Yellow-legged Gull 2 adults. Simon.
9th September 2018: Some sightings from Dam Bank Drove by Simon Stirrup:

Lapwing 450+, Ruff 1 Juvenile, Lesser Black-backed Gull 40, Great Black-backed Gull 2, Yellow-legged Gull 1 Adult.
26th August 2018: Here are some sightings from yesterday (25th):
• North Fen – Yellow-legged Gull 4 adults, Lesser Black-backed Gull 75
• Long Drove – 7 Roe Deer
• Adjacent to Nine Acre Wood – Long-winged Conehead
The images are of Long-winged Conehead, Roe Deer and Buzzard.

10th August 2018: Adult and young Green Woodpecker being fed in the garden after all the rain yesterday.  First time for us !! Ian and Sheila D

8th August 2018: A Turtle Dove was spotted on our bird bath yesterday, before being disturbed. Lovely surprise for Ian! Ian and Sheila D.
1st August 2018: On Sunday afternoon (29th July) there was a Turtle Dove singing by the river Great Ouse to the south of Holme Fen - grid reference TL458714.  There was also a group of at least 3 Yellow Wagtails (presumably a family) by the river bend there, and a heavily moulting adult female Marsh Harrier was hunting over the field on the other side of the river (Setchel Fen, according the OS map). Stephen B.
1st August 2018: From: Graham Campbell <>
Subject: Invitation to the Launch of the Great Ouse Valley Trust
Dear Haddenham Conservation Group

Please see the invitation below.
The Great Ouse Valley Trust is a new venture which seeks to promote this unique environment and the special place it has in the life and identity of our communities. We would be very pleased if a  representative of your organisation can come to our free launch event on 22nd September. Graham Campbell, Chairman, Great Ouse Valley Trust

1st August 2018: We rescued this Hummingbird Hawk-moth from the house yesterday evening.  A good opportunity to see one stationary. Simon.

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