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25th January 2020: Today at the junction of Long Drove and Dam Bank Drove there was a flock of 250+ Whooper Swans feeding in a stubble field. Also a Marsh Harrier in the area. Simon.

7th January 2020: 7 Roe Deer on College Farm. Ian D.
3rd January 2020: 40-50 Common Gulls( not common!) behind Bury Lane.  Jake A.
3 January 2020: Recent Sightings: 
1 Jan 2020 -  A  Kingfisher at the Boot, Aldreth reported By Sally M.
2 Jan 2020 – Dambank and Long Drove - 100+ Starlings, 11 Corn Buntings, 2 Kestrel ,100 + Goldfinch,  126 Whooper Swans  + 17 nearer to road (no Mute)  and 3 Roe Deer. a family of 5 Whoopers on field by the Earith road too. S and I D. ( This was midday, not early morning, as usual)
3 Jan 2020 –This morning, we put seed out on the lawn for ground feeders and had a total of 24 Stock Doves at one time! ( More than on the droves!)  S and I D.
3 January 2020: On 31st December Ewell Fen – Whooper Swan 38; Long Drove – Whooper Swan 69, Mute Swan 12, Roe Deer 17; Dam Bank Drove / Long Drove corner flooded field - PEREGRINE 1, Marsh Harrier 1, Buzzard 1, Lapwing 250, Golden Plover 250; North of A1123 – Whooper Swan 5. On 1st January - Whooper Swan flocks of 31 and 129 on Ewell Fen and along Long Drove respectively

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